What is Plored aims to change the paradigm of the online world.
It is a web / mobile platform where users share photos from their looks, tagging the brands of their garments. By clicking on each tag, users will be able to learn more about these garments or others similar (how much it costs, how and where to buy it, if there are any other colors, etc).
The users who are owners of these photos will get money by each click received in their tags to spend in the tagged brands.
Why do we seek to change the paradigm of the online world?
Nowadays, social networks earn a lot of money through advertising and that's because of the content generated by the users. However, the amazing thing about this is that social networks do not share their revenue with the users who are the actual generators of the content. proposes to go further than this concept, seeking to change that paradigm by sharing the revenue with the same users who have generated the content (provided that it results interesting).
So, we want to talk and share it with the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users!:
Heyy! If content you generate results interesting for other people, you will be financially rewarded for that, receiving at least the half of everything earned!

How to use Plored

How to start?
1. Register using your Facebook or Twitter user
2. Start uploading your photos and browse other user's looks.
3. Viralize your photos on social networks

What do we look for?
We look for users to express themselves in the same way as they do nowadays on their social networks.
What for?
To show the world the way you express yourself through your everyday looks.
Take ideas at inspiring on other looks as well as the feedback received from other users regarding your looks. If you find any garment you like, users will be able to know more about that garment or its similar (how much it costs, how and where to buy it, if there are any other colors, etc) by clicking on the tag. The looks you upload will be financially rewarded by the brands. It's time for you to be rewarded by generating content.

Looks posting rules

1. Full body photos are required.
Any photo which is not showing the full body or is not cropped from the knees to the head or from the neck to the feet at least, will be deleted.
2. The looks must not have any obstructions, be clearly visible and free of text and other distractions.
If a look is partially obstructed or there isn't a clear view of the garments for any reason (blurred vision, poor lighting, etc.), it will be deleted by our moderating team. Photos with excessive edition are also restricted.
3. No more than one person per photo.
Photos showing several people will be removed.
4. You must be in the photo.
Only photos of yourself are allowed. Pictures with strangers, friends, models, etc. are not allowed.
5. DO NOT re-publish the photos.
It is prohibited to publish the looks which have already been published previously in an attempt to get more credit. Repeated messages will be deleted.
6.The publication of commercial announcements or any way of spam are restricted.
If the garments of your photo are for sale, they must be shaped by you. Impertinent advertising will not be tolerated and offenders will be expelled from the community.
7. DO NOT post pictures which do not belong to you.
Imitators and users who post photos which are not from their domain, will be immediately expelled from the community.
8. No nudity or offensive material.
This is not a porn site.

Are you brand?

Join to the world!
If you are interested in joining to the brands that are already in Plored, write us to or in facebook: and we will send you a "Welcome Kit" with all the steps and details of the platform.

Are you photographer?

What is the plan for the photographers of team?
The photographers tour the streets, the events and the stores of the brands that work with us, in malls, etc. and "shoot" looks from people they find interesting.
Then, the photographers upload the photos to and append the photographed person's email there. After that, the photographed person is registered as a user at The photo took by the photographer will be displayed so the only thing user has to do is tag the garments and upload that photo.
Those who trust in the project, will be the ones we will recommend to work at punctual actions together with our partners brands in the assembly of their campaigns.

if you are interested, these are the steps to follow:

1. Access and register via Facebook or Twitter.
2. When registering, activate the "I want to be a Photographer" option.
3. Once approved to be a Photographer (you will receive a confirmation email), start uploading looks and append the e-mail for each photo.

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